Meet the Dolls

Meet the Dolls


Love. Happy. New Beginnings.

Daisymae’s favourite flower is a daisy because they come in various colours and forms. Although you may see her wearing white and yellow, she doesn’t have a favourite colour because she believes that all colours are beautiful. Daisymae is very social and has lots of friends of all shapes and sizes. She likes having friends because they can help and support her but they are also lots of fun.


Wisdom. Hope. Trust.
Did you know that Iris means rainbow in Greek? Iris likes rainbows. She also enjoys travelling the world to experience different seasons but it also allows her to adapt and learn about the different cultures. She looks different from some of her friends but she knows that’s what makes her special. Iris is named after a flower which is well-known for their purple petals, which is why her favourite colour is purple.


Support. Fight. Joy.
Sorrel loves to help. She likes for everything to be included and treated nicely. If she sees someone that needs help, she will help them and try and make them feel better. The name Sorrel comes from the hibiscus flower and she especially enjoys making hot and cold drinks from that flower. Sorrel’s favourite colour is red.


Intense. Abundance. Passion.

Azalea loves to be different. Because she embraces her differences she enjoys meeting new people and making friends everywhere she goes. Lots of people know Azalea since she enjoys dressing up in pretty dresses and change her hair style regularly. She is confident and likes to be around friends who understands me. I am very friendly and fun to be with. I was named after the Azalea plant, to reflect my original and sunny personality.


Hello, my name is Oliver.And my name comes from the Olive Tree. Did you know that olives are good for you and is a key ingredient in lots of recipes.
I like to play lots of sports with my friends like football, basketball and I enjoy any sport that includes running. People say that I am very competitive. That may be true because I like to win. Nobody likes to lose, not really. Sometimes my friends find it difficult to do certain sports and I will practice with them until they get it right. I like keeping healthy by eating lots of fruit and vegetables, drinking water and getting regular sleep.


Hello, my name is Asher. 

 My name comes from the ash tree and means happy and blessed. I like being outside with my camera taking photos of plants, trees and nature. My other interests includes writing short stories and poetry. 

 The environment is very important to me and I would like to do my bit to make this beautiful world of ours into a safer place to live.

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