The Product

The Product

Introducing Azalea, Daisymae, Iris, Sorrel, Asher and Oliver! Named after flowers and plants this collection of six types of mixed race dolls make up of Mélange Dolls. Ensuring that different mixtures of biracial dolls were represented a variation of hair colours and facial features are available. Black curly hair is available on three of the dolls and the other three have dark brown curly hair. Also, two of the six dolls have freckles. From the outset the focus was to produce a collection of dolls that are beautiful with realistic looking features; durable and also wearing stylish and long-lasting clothes. The fabrics and trims are personally sourced, design and handcrafted by the designer.

It is my dream that all children have toys that represents them. I believe that this creates building blocks, which enables them to grow up to be confident, secure, positive but most importantly proud of their individuality and diversity motivating them to blossom into beautiful, strong and successful people. Thank you for coming along on this journey with me as I continue to design and create products that can educate young children. With care.
A limited amount of fabrics are sourced to facilitate a regular and consistent change in styles and outfits. This means that all styles are limited edition designs. The dolls have rooted hair, which can withstand a gentle wash and be brushed and styled. But children will still have the opportunity to understand the importance of handling their dolls with care as excessive washing and brushing can still result in loosening curls. Each doll has their own hair style that can be changed into whatever style you like. The dolls are soft to the touch making them easy for your child to cradle and cuddle with.

Mélange dolls are suitable for children aged 3 years old and over. The dolls are made to a very high standard and meet all the UK standards and testing for health and safety and carry the CE mark of safe toys.
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